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Category: Analysis

The Fallacy Of Winner Takes All Market – Why Many Indian Unicorns Are Struggling

What is going wrong with the Indian unicorns? Could there be a fundamentally incorrect assumption about winner takes all market?

Was right in spending over Rs 120 crore on the lookup campaign?

An in-depth analysis of the Lookup marketing campaign with an estimated spend of INR 120 crore and whether it was a good use of the marketing budget

Why multi-billion dollar valuations might not all be good news for Indian startups

Multi-billion dollar valuations for Indian startups might be applauded by the popular media, but what are the fundamentals on which these valuations are based on? Are there any pitfalls of enjoying such numbers?

Ecommerce wars – what is the real deal amid all the offers and discounts?

All major e-commerce firms are going all out in terms of marketing spend in search of growth. But will this growth at all costs mindset cause problems in the near future?

How Alibaba is taking the fight to Amazon on its own home turf

Alibaba has been quietly but aggressively investing in US startups as a way to gain a foothold in the market. Which startups has it acquired and why is it following this strategy?

Major milestones in the Indian e-commerce ecosystem that have led to multi-billion dollar investments

A detailed compilation of all the major milestones of the Indian e-commerce ecosystem from inception

Evolution of messaging services: From SMS to SnapChat to Mirage

Chat is ubiquitous now. But how did the messaging apps come into being and what has been their evolution? Where are we headed from here on?

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