If you pick something that you are not truly, madly passionate about, you are going to remain mediocre or become unhappy over time.

There are two kinds of people:

One, where they take on the startup idea or job or career path due to obligations or peer pressure or any number of other reasons. They plod on, one day at a team and get beaten by the burden of doing it. These are the ones that end being mediocre.

Two, the fighters, the type A personalities, the go-getters who are used to being unsatisfied with status quo and are striving to get to the next level. Over a period of time, they become good at what they do because it is their nature to be efficient and dependable at the work they do. These are the ones that end up being unhappy because that is not their calling.

Either way, you don’t get very far. Sure, ¬†you’ll exist, and make a living but you aren’t going to be creating work you are proud of.

True magic happens when passion – the kind that doesn’t let you sleep – meets smart work. Of course, a dose of luck or timing or whatever you choose to call this unknown but undeniable force, wouldn’t hurt.