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Absolute Must Have Partnerships For A Startup Accelerator To Succeed

Startup accelerators often underestimate the value of partnerships in bringing about success to their portfolio. Here’s a look at the most important partnerships

Biggest Mistakes New Corporate Accelerators Make

Most new corporate startup accelerators make the same mistakes during conceptualization & operations. Here’s a compelling list of mistakes to avoid

Why Startup Mentoring Is Broken (And How To Choose The Right Mentor)

Current models of so-called mentors advising startups is broken in many ways. Here’s a look at a framework to choose the right mentor for your startup

If you are not passionate about it, you can’t get very far

If you aren’t passionate, even being good at your work will not get you very far. Truly magical creations require something else altogether

Was right in spending over Rs 120 crore on the lookup campaign?

An in-depth analysis of the Lookup marketing campaign with an estimated spend of INR 120 crore and whether it was a good use of the marketing budget

There’s no startup like ours…

Every entrepreneur believes that her startup is completely unique and peerless. Sure, this is important to believe – but what problems will it cause?

If what you measure drives your team…

Choosing the right metric to track can have a long term impact on how your team behaves and what it strives to achieve. See how to find and track things that matter

Dependency as a subconscious defence

How many times have you felt that you’d have been successful, if only you had a key enabler. Do you know why we feel so? And how to avoid falling into the ‘dependency trap’?

It’s not how many features you have

The one fallacy of first time entrepreneurs when they think of products & feature sets – taking on too many things. Why does this happen?

Why multi-billion dollar valuations might not all be good news for Indian startups

Multi-billion dollar valuations for Indian startups might be applauded by the popular media, but what are the fundamentals on which these valuations are based on? Are there any pitfalls of enjoying such numbers?

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