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Author: Chaitanya Ramalingegowda (page 2 of 4)

Startup In The Time Of Corona – Founder Lessons For A Possible Slowdown

Being the founder of a startup during an economic slowdown / recession can be tough. Here are a few lessons learned from such periods in the past

Direct To Consumer (DTC) Brands & E-commerce Marketplaces: A Practical Guide

The relationship between a direct to consumer (DTC) brand and horizontal e-commerce marketplaces is an uneasy one. How should a brand navigate it?

Indian Startup Anthem – A Founder’s Journey

If one had to write a poem about the struggles of a typical Indian founder, how would it look like?

The Corruption Of The Indian Online Consumer And Its Implications

Indian e-commerce customers have gone through rapid evolution – but there is a lot that is beneath the surface. What has impacted their behaviour and where do they go from here?

The Story Behind Wakefit Sleep Internship – The Most Viral Online Campaign Of 2019

Here’s the story behind the conceptualization and planning of the Wakefit sleep internship campaign – one of the most viral online campaigns of 2019-2020

Venture Debt For Startups – A Comprehensive Guide

Venture debt is a relatively new funding option for startups – here’s a comprehensive view on when to take venture debt and when to avoid it

The Fallacy Of Winner Takes All Market – Why Many Indian Unicorns Are Struggling

What is going wrong with the Indian unicorns? Could there be a fundamentally incorrect assumption about winner takes all market?

Brand Building In The Age Of The Millennial

Millennials form over 1/3 of the Indian population but they have very unique characteristics. What are the implications for marketers targeting them?

Lessons From Building A Direct To Consumer (D2C) Brand In India

Building a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand in India comes with its own set of unique problems & opportunities that are different from the rest of the world

How Does Customer Obsession Look Like At Wakefit?

At Wakefit, everything we do is viewed through the customer lens. Something we are learning to do even at a few lakh shipped products every month. Here’s how we do it

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